How to Choose a Heating and Cooling Company in Lee’s Summit

With the large number of HVAC companies in Lee’s Summit, choosing a heating and cooling company is probably not considered a fun task. However, it can be made easier with a few tips and tricks. Keep reading to learn more!

Heating repair and the need for urgent air conditioning service never seems to come at an opportune time. The associated cost, inconvenience and all the pleasantries that come with heating and cooling repair can be downright frustrating.

Frustration aside, when your heating and air conditioning home comfort system fails; it’s time to add the task of choosing a Lee’s Summit heating and cooling company to the top of your to-do list. Do you know where to start? Online? A referral from a friend? Perhaps your neighbor’s nephew knows a guy.

Let’s look at some criteria that will help you in your selection of heating and cooling companies. We have created a list of 10 items for you to review.

Ask for Heating and Cooling Referrals

Friends and family have the inside scoop on many things including an opinion here and there. It’s worth the time to reach out for their knowledge on a favorite air conditioning service or licensed heating contractor. In addition, your neighbor’s nephew may really know a technician with HVAC certification. With all the schemes and scams surrounding heating and cooling companies found on television news reports, it would be reasonable to take advantage of a trusted referral.

On the flip side, family and friends can alert you to local heating and air companies to avoid. We call these Anti-Referrals. They really come in handy and can save you a pile of money and added frustration.

Know YOUR HVAC Systems

Doing research on a potential Lee’s Summit HVAC company is a good idea but so is knowing the specifics about your unit and the ill-fated symptoms that have prompted your cooling and heating inquiry.

Your potential heating and cooling company should be interested in the type of heating and air conditioning system you have, the model, serial number and applicable warranty information.

A good licensed HVAC technician will ask questions. If your heating and cooling unit won’t turn on, an explanation is straightforward. However, it would be beneficial to consider the following questions:

  • Was there anything that led up to the shutdown?
  • Did you hear a loud bang or clanking?
  • Had your home comfort system been acting sluggish?

Details of any type will help your heating and air conditioning contractor diagnose the problem. and he or she would be wise to ask.

Read Their Reviews!

These days almost every company has a website. Snoop around; look at pictures, read the reviews. With so many local heating and air companies, you can afford to be choosy.

Most of us don’t like to call a company after reading a bad review. However, if there is 1 bad review amongst 10 good reviews, that 1 bad review could actually lend some credibility. Some companies, not exclusively heating and cooling establishments, only publish good reviews or have employees fill out a 5 star surveys. Depending on the severity of a bad review, it may have just been an off day for the company and its heating and cooling services. Let’s be clear though: if there are several bad reviews, keep on, moving on.

Know the Heating and Cooling Buzzwords

Every industry has buzzwords and HVAC is no different. When selecting a heating and cooling company in Lee’s Summit, make sure they have their HVAC certifications and licenses. When doing your research, keep an eye out for the following:

  • HVAC Certification
  • HVAC License
  • Certified Heating and Cooling
  • Licensed HVAC Technicians
  • Licensed Heating Contractor
  • Licensed Air Conditioning Contractor
  • NATE Certification
  • EPA Certification
  • Authorized Dealer
  • Factory-Trained

Listen for Heating and Cooling Buzzwords

When selecting your Lee’s Summit HVAC company, your licensed HVAC technician should be able to talk-the-talk and talk it intelligently. Ask them a question. While their answer doesn’t have to match the internet word-for-word, a qualified heating cooling contractor shouldn’t bumble through and explanation regarding high efficiency furnaces and air conditioners or an Energy Star rating.

They should be able to tell you why high efficiency is better and how they operate. They should be able to recommend at least one product for your Lee’s Summit home, speak about energy savings and explain heat loss/gain load calculations.

Expect a Home Inspection

An inspection is a courtesy and it should be free. The technician should evaluate your current home comfort system, residential structure, duct system and take measurements if installing a new unit.

Choose a Lee’s Summit heating and cooling company that will not charge you for the inspection if you do not enlist in their maintenance program, spend a certain amount of money or decide to forgo their services. We don’t want your free inspection to turn into a paid item because of the fine print.

Before signing on the dotted line, ask for references. No matter how busy your schedule, please call the provided names and numbers.  A prior customer can tell you about technician performance, customer service, timing and if the HVAC company stayed on budget.

Look for a Deal

Everyone loves a deal and to be honest, heating and cooling systems are a large purchase. Even ac repair and work performed on your heating unit can be expensive. Look for a Lee’s Summit heating and cooling company that has special offers, financing or rebates. Do an online search or peruse the websites of local heating and air companies. If a special offer is not mentioned, it never hurts to ask.

24/7 Emergency Response

It’s not a deal breaker but in the event you really like the heating and cooling services of a particular company or licensed HVAC technician, 24/7 emergency response could be a lifesaver. Having their number on speed dial for a weekend, holiday or middle of the night situation, could make a difference during a very hot or cold experience

Ask for an Estimate and Contract in Writing

Before allowing a heating cooling contractor to begin work, secure an estimate in writing. An itemized estimate would be ideal and should include projected costs, energy efficiency details, warranty information and the job schedule.

Gone are the days of handshake deals. Signing a contract is good business and protects both parties

Trust Your Instincts

Even if the person on the other end of the phone says all the right things, if you get a bad feeling, don’t pursue their heating and cooling services. If a technician comes to your home and you feel something isn’t on target, contact the next heating and cooling company on your list.

If they don’t show or cancel due an emergency, have a backup. Being prepared just keeps you a step ahead.