Commercial Air Conditioning Services

Commercial Air Conditioning

Providing a safe and comfortable environment for your employees and customers is critical to the success of your business. At A&D Heating and Cooling, we understand the unique needs of commercial customers and have the expertise and staff to meet those requirements.

Commercial Air Conditioning System Installation & Sales

Let the experts at A&D Heating and Cooling help you select the right HVAC air conditioning system for your commercial building. Selecting a HVAC air conditioning unit that is too large for your commercial space can create problems with humidity control and commercial HVAC air conditioning units that are too small will run constantly, making it expensive to operate – not to mention it can leave your building uncomfortably warm.

Our commercial sales and installation crew will ensure that you also have the correctly sized duct work for your facility. Air ducts and register returns should be based on heat loss/gain load calculations just as much as the size of your commercial HVAC air conditioning unit should be. Incorrectly sized air returns or duct supplies can cause the compressor in your commercial HVAC air conditioning units to work harder than expected, resulting in early equipment failure.

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your commercial HVAC air conditioning system is an investment and maintaining your investment properly each year will save you money long-term. With our commercial HVAC air conditioning maintenance, we can help identify any potential issues before they become major repairs and ensure that your system is running efficiently.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

When your air conditioner breaks in your office building or retail location, we know that it can disrupt your business in a major way. A&D Heating and Cooling provides 24/7 emergency air conditioning repair service to get you back up and running quickly.

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Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

A&D Heating and Cooling has qualified technicians that will arrive at your facility in a timely manner. Your employees won’t have to cook in the oppressive August heat, and the productivity loss will be at a minimum. We are experienced in commercial repair and have the expertise required to, not only do the repair job fast, but do it right.