Commercial Furnace Repair, Installation & Service

Commercial Furnace Repair

We supply the best quality, advanced, energy-efficient HVAC heating systems that provide reliable comfort for light commercial buildings. From retail stores to restaurants, schools to healthcare facilities, our commercial heating systems are designed to improve comfort, reduce total cost of ownership, protect indoor air quality and simplify installation and maintenance.  Our commercial furnaces are designed and installed to meet your most demanding system requirements. Our representatives will work within your HVAC requirements, as well as the requirements of the city you reside in.

Do you have the right size furnace for your property?

One of the many benefits of having your business work with A&D Heating and Cooling, is that we provide a heat lost/gain calculation. Have you ever wondered of your furnace is too small to efficiently handle your commercial property? You could be losing out on profits for your business of your energy efficiencies are not where they should be. A heat loss/gain calculation is a good indication if you need furnace repair or replacement, and the following items are taken into account:

  • Insulation
  • The direction your business faces
  • Number of windows, and their efficiency rating
  • Type of exterior
  • Construction of ceiling
  • Construction of floor
  • Number of fireplaces
  • Duct Systems gain/loss
  • Number of appliances
  • Number of people in the building on a typical day

You expert will take into account all of this information and will inform you of how much heat you are losing during the cold winter months.

Commercial Furnace Repair — 24/7 Emergency Response in Kansas City & Lee’s Summit

What happens when it is 2AM, your business runs 24/7 and your furnace breaks? Do you close up shop for the night until someone can look at it between 9-5? No! You call our furnace repair specialist that performs Emergency Furnace Repair. Your business doesn’t have to shut down, and we will be there fast!

The furnace repair specialists at A & D Heating and Cooling are trained to provide the best furnace repair. Your furnace repair will be performed quickly and it will be done right. By performing your furnace repair correct the first time, you won’t be left out in the cold!

If you need a Commercial furnace repair, installation or service
Call (816) 537-7952 or (913) 681-9030 for immediate assistance.
The A&D HVAC Service Difference

We strive to leave you with a smile and a fully functioning and efficient HVAC system. We set the bar high, because anything less than the best HVAC service is unacceptable. So, whether you need to schedule a HVAC service call, have a seasonal check-up or inquire about unit replacements, call the skilled HVAC service professionals at A&D Heating & Cooling at (816) 537-7952 or (913) 681-9030. We proudly provide HVAC service for Lee’s Summit and the entire Kansas City metropolitan area.