Commercial Humidifiers
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Commercial Humidifiers

While providing the proper humidity level in a business is helpful for ensuring a comfortable environment, there are times when humidity control is not a luxury, but rather a requirement. Especially in the Kansas City and surrounding areas, this holds true. Commercial humidifiers can create a business environment that is not only comfortable, but can even increase employee production levels. This translates to an easy return-on-investment.

Commercial Humidifiers for The Printing Industry

We all know that putting ink on the paper generates a great amount of heat and that controlling the humidity in the printing process is critical to the quality of the finishes pieces. A&D Heating and Cooling can recommend the right choice among the many options for commercial humidifiers for your specific situation, while reducing costs and saving energy.

Commercial Humidifiers for the Woodworking Industry

Working with wood can be rewarding and also challenging, especially during the winter months. Those in the woodworking industry know that as wood loses its moisture to dry air, not only can the wood be damaged, but dry wood will also suck the solvents out of glue before they can cure, affect the sound quality of instruments, and produce loads of scrap. A&D Heating and Cooling has commercial humidifiers that create solutions that can help pay for themselves merely by eliminating humidity issues, reducing costs associated with scrap, and improving the overall quality of your final product.

Commercial Humidifiers for the Hi-Tech Industry

Static electricity is the high-tech industry’s worst enemy. When humidity levels drop below 35% and static electricity builds up on clothing or surfaces, a single static discharge can be devastating. Let the professionals at A&D Heating and Cooling help you raise humidity levels with humidifiers, whether you house a server farm, own a high-tech manufacturing facility, or are producing plastics. We can help implement solutions that can eliminate the need for ground straps and ionizers.

Commercial Humidifiers for Libraries and Museums

As curators have learned the importance of controlling humidity in order to preserve rare works of art, choosing between commercial humidifiers can be the difference between success and failure, with the consequences immeasurable. A&D Heating and Cooling can install, service and support commercial humidifiers that will help preserve the life of your precious valuables.

Commercial Humidifiers for Hospitals and Nursing Homes

As the air becomes drier, all organisms requiring water suffer including mucous membranes such as the nose, throat, and lungs. Not only is it uncomfortable when those mucous membranes dry out, but they also make patients more susceptible to airborne infections. Additionally as the dust in the air increases, so do bacteria and viruses. Providing a stable, humidity controlled environment in hospitals and nursing homes can lead to fewer complications and healthier patients. Let A&D’s professional staff help protect the lives of those you care for by showing you our selection of commercial humidifiers for your hospital or nursing home.

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