Commercial HVAC Repair
in Lee’s Summit

Commercial HVAC Repair Services

Once your commercial HVAC system fails, the workday quickly turns miserable. Sweat will drip from your employees in the summer if a break happens or they will be shivering huddled in a conference room if the repair is needed in the winter. Productivity is shot and your business will lose money for every minute the system is broken, that’s where our comemercial HVAC repair service comes in.

24/7 Emergency Commercial HVAC Repair Service

A&D Heating and Cooling is ready to get your business running again with our commercial HVAC repair service. We offer 24/7 emergency service to complete repairs as soon as a break happens. Our skilled technicians will provide you quotes on the cost and will keep your facility manager updated on the progress so you know when your business will be back to functioning at normal capacity.

Our expert technicians can handle any repair needed for any brand of HVAC equipment that is still produced today. They can quickly diagnose the problem and carry out the solution, or provide your facility manager different solutions based on time constraints or budget.

Once the repair is completed, our technicians can set you up with a full-service maintenance agreement to keep each individual component working at high capacity. Regular maintenance will reduce the risk of another major repair happening again, saving your business money.

schedule an immediate emergency repair
To learn more about our repair services or to schedule an immediate emergency repair, call A&D Heating and Cooling at 816-537-7952 for Missouri or 913-681-9030 for Kansas.
The A&D HVAC Service Difference

We strive to leave you with a smile and a fully functioning and efficient HVAC system. We set the bar high, because anything less than the best HVAC service is unacceptable. So, whether you need to schedule a HVAC service call, have a seasonal check-up or inquire about unit replacements, call the skilled HVAC service professionals at A&D Heating & Cooling at (816) 537-7952 or (913) 681-9030. We proudly provide HVAC service for Lee’s Summit and the entire Kansas City metropolitan area.